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Hope shows up in unexpected ways. I remember this day so clearly. I was off work to heal (physically but more emotionally) from my second pregnancy loss. I was home alone (well the pup was by my side as he always is) and had been crying. My heart was filled with despair. And anger. It felt cold. As I was drying my eyes I looked up and saw this perfect heart shaped sun spot on the wall. I couldn’t believe my eyes. There really wasn’t a logical explanation for how the sun spot had appeared. Maybe there was, but in that moment all I saw was LOVE. Immediately I felt my heart soften. And warmth entered again. In that moment I knew that there was LOVE surrounding me. And where there is love, there is hope. Hope comes in the most unexpected of ways. Be open to receiving it. #hope #signs #beopen #love #pregnancyloss #infantloss #tryingtoconceiveafterloss #miscarriage #lifecoach #doula #parentingafterloss #iam1in4 #wherethereislove

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