Rainbow Raina

The Spirit

Ekhart Tolle has said “There is an intelligence in the movement of life, which goes far beyond the limited intelligence of your thinking mind. This is the spirit”

There are moments in life that you have no choice but to surrender to this spirit. Moments that bring us to our knees. Moments that take our breath away. These moments take us out of our thinking minds and carry us deep into our hearts; our soul. This picture of my rainbow daughter is one of those moments. This picture takes my breath away. When I look at it, I have no doubt that she is surrounded by a greater light. A deeper level of protection than what I can see. This moment reminds me that some things can not be explained, only felt–and trusted. After loss it can be hard to trust again but it is necessary. For our growth, our healing, and for our spirit. #spirit #trust #faith #healing#rainbowbaby #pregnancyloss #infantloss#miscarriage #iam1in4 #pregnancyafterloss#parentingafterloss #mentalhealth #anxiety#tryingtoconceive #lifecoach #doula #nofilter

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