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Yesterday my social media was flooded with people sharing their personal stories of mental health for #bellletstalk. It was so great to see so many people finding the strength and sharing their truth. If you have been following my own page, you know that I am very vocal about my own personal journey with grief and anxiety. I have spoken out about my pregnancy losses and how those losses furthered my anxiety in subsequent pregnancies and postpartum with my daughter. I have also written about how anxiety still lingers in my mind on a daily basis and how I strive to manage it. Some people might wonder, as  a doula and a lifecoach, why do I share my own challenges? Shouldn’t a person who has made a career supporting others have their own life “together”? I am so vocal about my struggles for so many reasons.

The number one reason I share my own darkness is so that others can begin to see their light in my reflection. I truly believe that we heal when we have people by our side who truly get it. And I get it. I get how pregnancy loss leaves a much deeper impact then you could have ever imagined. I get that pregnancy after loss is filled with worry and concern; and also the strongest of love. I get that even years after you have lost a wanted pregnancy, the hopes and dreams that you carried with it are forever entangled in your heart. They lie heavily in the wrinkles of your skin; siting deeply within each muscle. The loss becomes an intimate part of you.  A part of you that you wouldn’t necessarily want to change, but a part of you that you need to talk about. I have found that talking about my struggles has not weakened me in the eyes of my friends or clients. It has in fact strengthened our connection. I hear myself in their words and they see themselves in the hope that I can now wear proudly.  Talking about our darkness, our mental health, our story does NOT weaken us. It makes us stronger.

So I thank every single one of you who bravely shared their stories yesterday. I encourage you to continue to speak loudly, grounded in your truth. The more we talk, the stronger we become. If you are ready to start talking, lets connect. Your story matters. Your voice matters. YOU matter.

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