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I saw this quote the other day when I went out with a friend of mine and it made us laugh! My friend and I had a good laugh but then we starting chatting more about why the quote really resonated with us (aside from our obvious love of wine!) I have written about that inner voice that seems to follow me around and a big part of that voice has been to please others. In my early twenties I spent a good portion of my time fixated on making every body “happy”. And it was exhausting. In my search to please every one else, I had lost touch of what really made me happy. Being so disconnected from my true self made me easily overwhelmed, frustrated and anxious. Over the last few years, particularly after having my daughter, I began to explore what makes me happy; what makes my family thrive.  What I have learned is this: when I make decisions that I know benefit me and my family, I don’t seem to care as much if other people are pleased. Don’t get me wrong, I am not making malicious or spiteful decisions. I am simply making decisions that I know wholeheartedly are right for US. For ME. This has sometimes been hard. For example, when I could not attend a friends birthday party because my daughter was sick. My “old” inner voice would have told me that my friend would not understand and she would be upset; that I was letting her down.  However, the new voice gently reminds me of the bigger picture. And I am able to see that while someone might be “let down”by my choice, I am doing everything I can to hold me and my family up. As I work to balance my work life with my family life, this can still be a challenge. At least now  in those difficult moments, I have found a new mantra: “I am not a bottle of wine”.  Because sometimes laughter is just what we need to please ourselves!

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