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Growing up, my mom ran a home business with long hours and yet she would always find time for her family.  No matter how busy of a day she had, she would prepare and sit down for dinner with my sister, my dad and I. These family dinners were some of the best memories of my childhood; always filled with conversation, connection, laughter…and love.

My mom could also handle anything–if something around the house needed fixing, it was my mom who could do it. I remember this one time when I saw a mouse in the house (I don’t think I have ever screamed so loud!), it was my mom who knew exactly what to do. Not only did she always know what to do, she also did it without any indication of fear.

She was always there for every stomach ache, every broken heart and every one of my successes. Her nurturing presence did not end with our immediate family though.

I witnessed how much she cared for others. If any one of her friends were sick, she would be the first to bring food over. If someone’s car broke down, she was there to drive them where every they needed to be. She has never been shy to strike up conversations with strangers, and from those conversations, genuine friendship and connections have often emerged.

Over the course of my life, I have witnessed my mom provide a space of love and healing for people. I am 100% certain, that growing up in her presence has led me to do the light work I do today.

Yesterday my family and I celebrated my mom’s birthday.  We celebrated this woman whose love has grown us into the strong family unit we are today. Whose strength has carried us through many times of uncertainty. We sat down for a shared meal and we talked, we connected, we laughed, and we… loved. And just like the woman we were celebrating, it was perfect.


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