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Never enough words…

Today we celebrated my dad’s 73rd birthday.

Any one who knows me, knows how deep my love is for this man. Yet, in all the posts I have written, I have yet to dedicate one to him.

This is simply because there are no words meaningful enough.

My dad is everything to me. See, even reading that sentence, just doesn’t suffice.

Through every challenge in my life my dad has grounded me with his love.

Through every celebration he has lifted me further with his joy.

My dad has shown me my value in this world.

His love has never judged me.

His love has always been my soft place to land.

His love has always reminded me of what is truly important in life.

His love has elevated my belief in my self.

I understand that not everyone would use such powerful words to speak about their fathers.

For me, though, these words (or any) will still never be enough.

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