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It had been a hard day. I had back to back coaching calls and I was busy in my office trying to meet a deadline.

Working from home is always a balancing act but this day was particularly difficult.

I had zero time in between “tasks”. I fed my daughter breakfast, then went into a coaching call. Fed her lunch, then went into another coaching call. Then I was on the computer for the remaining hour of the afternoon.

I was feeling overwhelmed. I wholeheartedly love my job and I feel beyond blessed that I get to be home with my daughter.

But on this day in particular, I struggled to find balance. I was so busy moving from one thing to the next, that I wasn’t IN anything.

I remember thinking, “wow, I barely have time to breathe”


And then, something happened.

As I was typing on the computer my daughter was busy doing something behind me.

“Mom, look” I heard from behind.

But I was in the middle of typing a sentence so I didn’t turn around.

“Mom, look!” Her voice growing more impatient.


I just need to finish this stream of thoughts. Or I will lose it.


So I didn’t turn around.




This time, I turned around.


My almost 4 year old daughter was standing, holding a piece of paper on which she had written;




I literally gasped.


Did she know that the letters she had written spelled AIR?


Probably not.


But did I receive the deeply divine message?



I took a deep breath in, shut down the computer and for the rest of the day, I was IN my life. Not just going through it.

That day was a powerful one.

It reminded me of what it truly means to live.

Life isn’t about moving from one thing to the next. It’s about being IN each moment.

Yes, I have responsibilities that require my attention.

But I can also focus my attention more deliberately; more mindfully.

I put that piece of paper up in my office and since that day I look at it often. It reminds me to bring more mindfulness into my day.

Do I always succeed? No.

But I do make sure I make a conscious decision to at least just…



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