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Meditation: Setting the Foundation

This weekend, my daughter asked if she could create her own space to meditate.

We chatted about what she wanted the space to have and she came up with 4 things:

Rocks, Flowers, Crystals and Pictures of animals.

All things that she said would remind her to be “calm”, “brave”, and “kind”.

This rainbow child of mine continues to blow me away.

Meditation has always been an integral part of my life, but it was not until more recent years that I have made space for it wholeheartedly.

Here she is, not even 4 years earthside, and she is laying down a strong foundation.

A foundation that will help keep her grounded. A foundation that she will learn to return to time and time again.

My rainbow is not only building her foundation, but she is helping me stay centered in mine.

I am may not be perfect, and there are times when I lose my own meditation practice.

But looking at her, and this beautiful space that she has created, reminds me of why I do it.

Why I do this work. Why I do anything.

I have just started a course to become a mindfulness meditation teacher;

looks like I might be off to a better start than I realized.


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