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THIS POST is all about YOU!

YOU are the reason I’m here. YOU are the reason I exist.

I’m here to SERVE YOU with all the experience and wisdom that I have gained.

So now it’s your turn. Talk to me. Tell me what you need help with. What are your challenges in your journey after loss. No matter what type of loss, I want to know. If I don’t know what YOU need, I can’t help. And I WANT to help.

All you have to do is reply with a comment.

Please be as specific as you can. I will do my very best to write a unique reply, or follow-up blog post to each comment I receive.

Here are some ideas you can start with, if you like, but please feel free to take creative control ­čÖé

Can you please write something about______________

My main challenge right now is_______________

Recently, I am feeling__________________

I really need help with___________________

Do you have a solution for_____________________

I am looking for________________________________

Thank you so much for participating!

With deep love and gratitude, I wish you a great day!
Aditi Loveridge, Healer and Coach

Connect with Me: http://pregnancylosshealing.com/contact/

PS: Do you know a friend that could use my help? Please just take a moment and think of someone you care about. Get in touch with them and ask them to connect with me. I am here to serve.

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