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Mala Making Workshop

Before the craziness of the Holiday season begins, take time for you and join us for an evening full of ritual, presence, intention setting and self care.

This workshop is for anyone who identifies as a mother (foster, step, loss…all welcome)

Mala beads are beads that are traditionally used in prayer and/or meditation. They are also a tangible reminder of our deepest intentions.

In this workshop will be using rudraksha seeds as the base of our malas. Rudraksha seeds are traditional beads used in India and are considered a very holy and protective seed. We will add different crystal beads and guru stones of your choosing, to enhance your intentions and affirmations.

The evening will include:
-A smudging of the space and each participant (if they wish) to clear any negative energies that might be present
-A short guided meditation to help you uncover your intentions for the coming year
-A demonstration and guidance on how to string the mala together
-An opportunity to pick crystals and guru stones that speak to you
-Gathering with like minded people
-A beatiful mala made by you to take home (as a gift or for yourself)
-A safe and supportive enviornment to have fun and try something new!

Tickets are available here:

*All supplies included in workshop price
**This event will be held at a private residence in the SE of Calgary. Exact location details will be given to registrants once ticket is purchased.

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