About Me

Motherhood is a sacred journey that delves into the deepest parts of our souls

I have always been extremely passionate about women’s issues. I have worked as a social worker in various sexual health and feminist organizations.

My work in these organizations has provided me with an in depth understanding of how a woman’s past and present experiences shape who she is, the choices she is presented with, and the decisions she makes.

As a social worker I have had the honour of connecting women with their inner strength and enabling them to make the best possible choices for themselves, their families and their communities.

The journey of miscarriage, subsequent pregnancies, and the birth of my child in 2013 furthered my passion for empowering women through this significant time in their lives.

The journey into motherhood is a momentous life event and every woman should be allowed to cherish her experience as her own.

After I had lost my second pregnancy, I found myself contemplating everything: my career, my deep rooted beliefs, how to find balance, why I make certain choices, what values I held, and who I really was now.

Everything you think you know to be true about yourself before losing a baby changes. This journey into motherhood opened me up in more ways than I was ever prepared for.

It cracks open the darkest places of yourself, allowing a new light and wisdom to seep through, if you allow it. Once a new understanding begins to seep in, there are no limits to the life that you can create for yourself, your children (living and angel), and your family.

As your coach, counselor and healer…

  • I will walk alongside of you
  • I will support you in discovering your inner strength.
  • I will create a safe and sacred space for you to let your guard down, allow the cracks to open, and let in the light.
  • I will SEE you without judgement
  • I will honour exactly who you are in the moment.

Together we will realize your strength, and unveil the LIFE you have always envisioned.

Featured In

Contributing writer for Birthing Magazine
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Contributing writer for Still Standing Magazine
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Featured guest with Erica M. Mcafee
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My Qualifications

  • Certified Mindfulness Meditation Teacher
  • Completed over 100 hours of coaching adn 60 hours of intensive training to receive certification as a Life Coach
  • Personally experienced two pregnancy losses, and the intense journey of trying to conceive and being pregnant again after loss
  • Personal experience with the many emotions that come with a Rainbow pregnancy and birth
  • Former Registered Social Worker specializing in women's health
  • Trained "Baby Loss Advisor"
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