About Aditi Loveridge

Aditi Loveridge - Life Coach and Doula Healing Expert

I have always been extremely passionate about women’s issues. I have worked as a social worker in various sexual health and feminist organizations.  My work in these organizations has provided me with an in depth understanding of how a woman’s past and present experiences shape who she is, the choices she is presented with, and the decisions she makes.  As a social worker I have had the honour of connecting women with their inner strength and enabling them to make the best possible choices for themselves, their families and their communities.

The journey of miscarriage, subsequent pregnancies, and the birth of my daughter in 2013 furthered my passion for empowering women through this significant time in their lives. The journey into motherhood is a momentous life event and every woman should be allowed to cherish her experience as her own.

After I had lost my second pregnancy, I found myself contemplating everything: my career, my deep rooted beliefs, how to find balance, why I make certain choices, what values I held, and who I really was now. Everything you think you know to be true about yourself before losing a baby changes. This journey into motherhood opened me up in more ways than I was ever prepared for. Motherhood is a sacred journey that delves into the deepest parts of our souls. It cracks open the darkest places of yourself, allowing a new light and wisdom to seep through, if you allow it. Once a new understanding begins to seep in, there are no limits to the life that you can create for yourself, your children (living and angel), and your family.

As your coach, counselor and healer, I will walk along side of you and support you in discovering your inner strength. I will create a safe and sacred space for you to let your guard down, allow the cracks to open, and let in the light. I will SEE you, without judgement, and honour exactly who you are in the moment. Together we will realize your strength, and unveil the LIFE you have always envisioned.

What each Coaching call looks like

  • Calls are done via video conferencing (Skype, FaceTime) or voice calls.
  • Coaching sessions are client-led conversations. I do not come with an agenda. The conversations are directed by you and I will support whichever direction you take the conversation.
  • Intake forms to will be sent to you to fill out ahead of our first call. This will give me better insight into the areas in which you are struggling. It will also give you an opportunity to express what you are wanting out of the calls.
  • Every call begins with a centering meditation: This helps people get out of their head and more into their hearts, so that they can be more present during our session because healing doesn’t come from you head but from the soul, from the heart.
  • I will ask questions that will stimulate a new view of your journey that will foster healing and growth.
  • I will make connections and address patterns that may be influencing the way you are processing your story.
  • Within every call we will create an “imagined future” together and through trust and openness we will empower you in finding your path toward this future.
  • A follow up email will be sent to you at the end of every session that includes what we discussed and any exercises and strategies that we agreed you try.
  • I am available for additional support between calls via text and email.

Get help today

Whether you’ve just lost your angel, are trying to conceive again, are pregnant, or just some time has passed, I want you to know that there is always space for healing. This journey is not easy, and it is not one that you need to walk alone.

I have found so many women need to talk about their loss, we need to speak our babies names, we need to honor our due dates, we need to honor the day we gave birth to a baby that was still. Just through talking alone, we let go of grief and we make room for joy to come in. We cannot make room for joy until we truly and wholeheartedly, embrace the darkness first. But in order to do that, we need a safe space to do it.

So please, today, if you are feeling like this journey is difficult, more difficult than you could have imagined, contact me, let’s make a time to talk. Tell me your story, tell me your baby’s name, tell me the areas in which your life has changed. Let’s embrace the darkness together so that we can make room for the joy.