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We need to talk about our loss. We need to speak our babies names, we need to honor our due dates, we need to honor the day we gave birth to a baby that was still. When you speak your truth you begin to let go of grief, and you make room for joy.

Whether you’ve just lost your angel, are trying to conceive again, are pregnant, or some time has passed, I want you to know that there is always space for healing. This journey is not easy but it is not one that you need to walk alone.

If you are feeling like this journey is difficult, more difficult than you could have imagined, contact me. Let’s make a time to talk. Tell me your story, tell me your baby’s name, tell me the areas in which your life has changed. Let’s embrace the darkness together so that you can make room for the joy.

Aditi Loveridge
Certified Coach & Healing Practitioner

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Don't walk through this alone.
I am here to support you.

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I just had a pregnancy loss, miscarriage, or stillbirth

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I'm pregnant again after miscarriage or stillbirth

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How to work with me

Book a 1-on-1 Healing session
Book a 1-on-1 Healing session

Let's work together in a live setting, either online or in-person. 1:1 coaching is a beautiful and intimate way of healing. I create a sacred and safe space in our coaching call that let's you heal through your journey.

Start Healing from Home
Start Healing from Home

Get online access to one of my online self-paced healing courses. Ease Worry, Fear, and Anxiety with Mindfulness Training, or Clarify Your Thoughts and Feelings with 7 days of Journaling by Email.

Join me in a Group setting
Join me in a Group setting

Group healing is a beautiful way to experience and share your journey with other women just like you. Together, we create a safe & sacred space to share your personal feelings without judgement.

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Experience The Beginning of a 1:1 Coaching Call

This free centering meditation is designed to help you clear your mind, and ground you in your true center. I offer this short optional meditation technique at the start of every coaching call. Try it out and experience the grounding power for yourself!

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