About the Pregnancy Loss Healing Directory


Aditi Loveridge (she/her) and Danyelle Kaluski (she/her) have been working tirelessly to change the support available to the pregnancy and infant loss community. This website you see today is the evolution of Aditi’s 10 year personal journey of loss and her professional journey of supporting others as a pregnancy and infant loss coach.

After supporting hundreds of clients through the journey of pregnancy and infant loss, people kept asking Aditi where she took her coach training from. The reality was there was nowhere to refer people as Aditi had created her own coaching model. After seeing the impact that Aditi’s coaching had on families, and with a gentle and loving nudge from Danyelle, they created the Pregnancy & Infant Loss Coach Certification Program. Their mission is to have a community of certified professionals who are qualified to offer meaningful, authentic and impactful support to bereaved families.

Thank you for being a part of the movement!

The intention of the Pregnancy Loss Healing Directory is to make it easier for:

Individuals and Families…

  • To access meaningful support across the journey of pregnancy and infant loss
  • To find professionally trained coaches that can walk alongside you

The intention of the Pregnancy Loss Healing Membership is to make it easier for:

Certified Pregnancy & Infant Loss Coaches….

  • To have a lead generation training to reach more families through their coaching business
  • To engage in ongoing 1:1 and group education
  • To stay connected in a private forum to discuss and build their business with other coaches
  • To receive business and Online Technology education from people in our extensive network

No matter what led you to this website, we are honoured to hold this space.

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