I had an early pregnancy loss, do I still have the right to grieve?

Written By Aditi Loveridge, first appeared in Still Standing Magazine We had just finished lunch and I was cleaning up the kitchen. I noticed the vase full of dead flowers still on the counter. Without a second thought, I walked over to the vase and pulled out the lifeless flowers. As I was pulling them […]

How can a Pregnancy and Infant Loss Coach Help me?

A Pregnancy and Infant Loss Coach Can Help You: Normalize Your Feelings A Pregnancy and Infant Loss Coach can help you understand that all of your feelings are normal and valid. There is no right or wrong way to feel after losing a pregnancy or infant, and it’s important to acknowledge your feelings. Validating that […]

Your Next 5 steps after Pregnancy or Infant Loss

#1: Your feelings are valid– allow yourself to feel them No matter what you are feeling, please know that your feelings are valid and you should do whatever feels right to you. Healing is a process and it can be hard for those who haven’t experienced pregnancy/infant loss before to understand the different ways that […]

Pregnancy Loss Healing