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Ayako Gallagher


Grief Companion and Coach, Baby Loss Advocate on Instagram @mamasmattershere


Ayako started her advocacy work for bereaved parents after enduring her own traumatic early stillbirth of her daughter, Emi, in 2020. The reason behind her work is so that no one feels as isolated and alone as she did during those early days of loss.

Through the art of storytelling and providing educational posts, Ayako has woven together an online community of over 12,000 bereaved parents and allies on Instagram at @healingmattershere (formerly @mamasmatterhere). Connecting directly with loss parents online and by hosting in-person events, Ayako has created unique ceremonies and ways to honour our children and ourselves as bereaved parents.

Ayako is an International Coaching Federation certified Pregnancy and Infant Loss Grief Coach, through the Seeds of Growth accreditation program. This coaching model provides Ayako with the knowledge and tools to support those walking the path of grief and provide them tangible tools to lessen the heavy load of loss.

Whether your loss happened recently or years in the past, Ayako is ready to validate and transform how you carry your grief. She is supportive all diverse parenting relationships and genders, and recognizes all types of loss, including those often less talked about; TFMR, early miscarriages, missed miscarriages, abortions and child loss.

However, Ayako’s coaching abilites do not soley with Pregnancy and Child Loss. Her grief coaching skills will benefit anyone struggling to carry any type of grief.


  • Individual Coaching Sessions
  • Emi + Company: Griefy Greeting Cards and Angel Baby Card Sets


Richmond, British Columbia, Canada

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