Carol Vickers


Founder of Coaches Collective Canada, Coach Educator, Facilitator, MCC with the International Coaching Federation


My approach to both coaching and educating coaches is practical and thoughtful. I am committed to everyone being able to experience life with significant ease and grace.

I graduated from Core Alignment Coaching in 2008 and have continued to develop my abilities and experience through completing a Master’s degree in Interdisciplinary Studies at Royal Roads University in 2018 and being designated as a Master Certified Coach (MCC) with the ICF in 2021. I am honoured to have been a part of the launch of the coaching journey of hundreds of coaching students and I love teaching and mentoring new coaches.

Fundamentally, I bring a lens of Appreciative Inquiry to all of my coaching and training. The principles of AI support every conversation by looking at what is the best of the present that can be developed into the future.

I am a partner, a mother and a grandmother. I continue to work to understand and shift my settler perspective and how I may be part of reconciliation with the Indigenous people in my community. I am committed to a world that works and believe that an integrated approach to coaching that incorporates all facets of what it is to be human is the road to healing and well-being. I deliver focused training and facilitate important conversations.


  • Coaching Education - for anyone beginning to learn about coaching to mentoring and guiding experienced coaches
  • Facilitation and Training - workshops, webinars and focused, customized programs


Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

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