Jenn Bonneau


Trauma-Informed Certified Pregnancy and Infancy Loss Coach


Hi! I’m Jenn (she/her) and I am a trauma – informed Certified Infant and Pregnancy Loss Coach. My training through Seeds of Growth Academy has given myself the strength and tools to offer a warm supportive place for my clients. Something I felt I did not have with health care professionals during my two losses and infertility. The reason I am here for you is so you will never hear the words “we do not have any support available in your situation.”

My personal experience with an ectopic pregnancy and miscarriage allow for a compassionate understanding to loss, especially in the early stages.

I hold space for people of all diversities experiencing any type of loss. Including the less socially talked about ones – abortion, loss through surrogacy, loss of adoption, etc.

Outside of this you can find myself mostly outdoors or practicing my creativity in some art form all while full time parenting my 3 children that are earthside.


  • Pregnancy and Infancy Loss Coaching
  • Grief Coaching
  • Secondary Losses
  • Infertility/Childless


Calgary, Alberta, Canada

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