Jillian Quigley


Certified Pregnancy and Infant Loss Coach


Jillian is a bereaved mother who found herself looking for support during the loss of her baby. She wanted connection and community during this dark time and it was hard to find. During pregnancy after loss, Jillian found support and learned that she wanted to support others through this journey one day. Jillian believes that supporting other people through loss and grief is one way to honour her baby.

We all have a story and Jillian believes that when we share our story it connects us, creating meaning and purpose. Experience has taught Jillian that when someone shares their story and feels supported, they find strength, and reconnect with what they need for themselves. Jillian is able to hold space for others in dark moments with intention, care and compassion. Her intention in coaching others is to make the space lighter through the stories we share.


  • Grief support
  • Navigating loss
  • Parenting after loss
  • Pregnancy and Infant loss
  • Termination for Medical Reasons (TFMR)
  • Stillbirth
  • Secondary Losses


Calgary, Alberta, Canada

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