Are You Pregnant Again After Previous Pregnancy or Infant Loss?

Are you feeling that what should be a joyous time is instead full of stress, anxiety and concern? You might be wondering why you can’t just let go and relax.

You deserve a sacred space where you can honour your feelings and speak truthfully. A space where you can allow yourself to be seen, without judgement; only love. A space where you can walk through your fears safely. A place where you can embrace the joy, connection, hope and possibilities this pregnancy can bring.

Brain Drain Journal: FREE Tool to Help Manage Your Thoughts

In pregnancy after loss, your mind is filled with thousand of thoughts...usually fear provoking ones. These thoughts can be determental to how you experience your current pregnancy (and moment). This free tool will help you release your thoughts so that they are not ruminating in your head. This powerful tool is perfect to use before bed, so that your mind isn't keep you awake and you can sleep better.

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Some Blog posts I recommend:

Below are a blog posts I suggest for your healing and the journey you are on

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Book a 1-on-1 Healing session
Book a 1-on-1 Healing session

Let's work together in a live setting, either online or in-person. 1:1 coaching is a beautiful way of healing. I create a sacred space in our coaching call that let's you heal through your journey.

Start Healing from Home Today
Start Healing from Home Today

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