Did You Just Experience a Pregnancy Loss, Miscarriage, or Stillbirth?

You deserve a sacred space that understands how loss can change you. A space that can help you realize and define your “new” self. A place that can hold space for your unraveling while simultaneously reminding you of your strength. A space that can celebrate your new baby while supporting you through any grief or anxiety that might show up. A space to realize you truly are not alone.

Ritualize Your Pregnancy & Infant Loss

Honouring your loss is imperative to your healing. This tool is designed to help you discover ways in which you can ritualize, honour, or memorialize your loss---in a way that feels right for YOU.

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FREE Sitting With Grief Meditation

Society pushes us to try and move through and change our grief quickly. This meditation is designed for you to sit with your grief and embrace your emotions at your own pace, so that you can begin to heal. The ONLY way to get through grief is to allow yourself to go through it.

NOTE: Once you have unlocked one of the free tools, refresh the page to see them all

Some Blog posts I recommend:

Below are a few blog posts I suggest for your healing and the journey you are on

How to work with me

Book a 1-on-1 Healing session
Book a 1-on-1 Healing session

Let's work together in a live setting, either online or in-person. 1:1 coaching is a beautiful way of healing. I create a sacred space in our coaching call that let's you heal through your journey.

Start Healing from Home Today
Start Healing from Home Today

Get online access to one of my online self-paced healing courses. Ease Worry, Fear, and Anxiety with Mindfulness Training, or Clarify Your Thoughts and Feelings with 7 days of Journaling by Email.

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