Group-Based Coaching & Healing

There really are other women who can relate to you and your experience

Group Based Coaching is a powerful tool to move through topics with others who can relate. This type of coaching gives you the benefit of peer learning while also havingguidance and intercation with a certified coach.

Benefits of Group-Based Coaching & Healing

  • Peer Connection
  • Peer Learning
  • “Collective Wisdom”. This can truly help you feel less alone
  • You can gain insights from what others have shared
  • For some, group coaching can help you feel “less on the spot” and provide more space for reflection
  • More Affordable

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My Qualifications

  • Worked for 4 years as a registered social worker specializing in women’s health.
  • Certified Mindfulness Meditation Teacher
  • Trained with Sherokee Isle from “Babies Remembered”
  • Completed the “Baby Loss Advisor” training.
  • Completed over 100 hours of coaching and 60 hours of intensive training. I received certification as a Life Coach.
  • Personally gone through intensive meditation retreats and have established a daily meditation practice of my own. Becoming self aware and present in my life has gotten me through some very hard days.

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