Pregnancy After Loss Online Course

Being pregnant after previous pregnancy or infant loss is a unique place to be. While there is joy, there is also a lot of anxiety, worry and fear. Sometimes the fear of loss over takes the excitement and you find yourself feeling disengaged or disconnected from THIS pregnancy. From THIS moment.

What if there were a way to honor where you are without judgement? What if you could accept your journey for exactly what it is? What if you could manage and observe your thoughts instead of being overwhelmed by them?

What you will learn

  • Manage your thoughts so that you can connect with your present experience without fear, anxiety and worry.
  • Shift from your automatic way of responding to a more powerful way of handling your pregnancy and journey .
  • Effectively deal with challenges that may come up.
  • Connect with your breath and body.
  • Set up a daily mindfulness practice (both formal and informal).

These skills will support you in this pregnancy and beyond.

What you will get

  • Over 8 hours of video instruction emailed directly to you
  • Weekly live sessions with me to ask questions and get clarification
  • Self paced learning
  • Access to material for a lifetime.

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You are not alone. All the feelings you are having around pregnancy or infant loss are normal and expected. When you lose a baby, it’s not an easy journey. There is a multitude of emotions that you can feel, like distrust, anger, loneliness, jealousy, anxiety, and worthlessness. I encourage you if you are struggling, no matter where on your journey you might be, start telling your story. You might be surprised at who shows up for you, and how you show up for your own healing.

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Premium Coaching Calls are Offered

Premium Coaching calls are sold in 1, 5, or 10 session packages (see below for more details)

Whats Included

  • Intake forms will be sent to you so that I can gain a better understanding of your expectations from our healing and coaching sessions.
  • All meetings are sixty (60) minutes in length and can be done in person, over the phone, or through video conferencing (ie. Skype, Facetime)
  • Coaching sessions are client-led conversations. I do not come with an agenda. The conversations are directed by you and I will support whichever direction you take the conversation.
  • “Home Experiments”. It can enhance your development and further your growth
  • 100 % support of you and the life that you wish to create
  • A safe space where you can show up, be seen, and be supported


  • Every call begins with a centering meditation: This helps you get out of their head and more into their hearts, so that you (and I) can become more present during our session.
  • I will ask questions that will stimulate a new view of your journey that will foster healing and growth.
  • I will make connections and address patterns that may be influencing the way you are processing your story.
  • Within every call we will create an “imagined future” together and through trust and openness we will empower you in finding your path toward this future.
  • A follow up email will be sent to you at the end of every session that includes what we discussed and any exercises and strategies that we agreed you try.
  • I am available for additional support between calls via text and email.

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