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Aditi has made such a positive and life changing impact on my journey towards healing. Her insights, care and support during my pregnancy loss has allowed me the ability to work with her in even greater capacity. I would recommend working with Aditi without reservation.


My husband and I lost our first baby at 36 weeks and I suffered a miscarriage in 2016. I found out I was pregnant again in early 2017 but needless to say was suffering from a lot of worry, anxiety and fears about the coming months. I decided to attend a Caring Beyond (local baby loss support group) meeting where I was lucky enough to come across Aditi who was speaking on the topic of Self-Care and Self-Preservation. I grabbed one of her cards and did some research into what exactly what types of services she offered. I decided to hire Aditi after some hesitation as I wasn’t entirely sure what role she would play in navigating this difficult journey I found myself on. However, I can honestly say that after working with Aditi for a number of months now I am so grateful that I attended that meeting and for the unwavering support she has provided. She has given me so many wonderful tools to help me work through the waves of emotions, fears and anxieties that I am experiencing. Aditi has taught me to try and live in the “now” and to not get all consumed by the past or “what ifs” about the future. She has also given me a lot of tips so that I can try and find love and joy for this baby and pregnancy so that I do not end up having any regrets later on. It is not an easy journey and I still have a ways to go but I think it has been a lot easier because of Aditi and I fully intend on continuing to work with her throughout the remainder of my pregnancy. Thank you for everything Aditi!

Leigh Anne

Aditi is a wonderful coach. I have a high risk pregnancy and am on bed rest. Working with Aditi has completely changed my “take” on my pregnancy. Before Aditi, I was drowned in worries, angry feelings, fears and what ifs. I had big fears around connecting with my baby. Aditi’s gentle approach helped me to leave fears and worries aside. With her help, I have started seeing the little joys in my pregnancy journey. I am certain that I will keep working with Aditi throughout my pregnancy. Oh and, her meditation exercises rock! I am truly grateful for having Aditi’s support. Thanks so much, Aditi!

Sevda from Toronto

Aditi supported my family and myself after the birth of my second child. She was an incredible blessing to have during the emotional & exhausting weeks that followed my delivery. Having shared similar birth experiences, she was nurturing & very easy to relate to. She just got me. I truly felt she exceeded expectations and was there to provide support in every aspect that I needed at that time. She always made herself available & accessible even when we didn’t have a planned visit. Having Aditi’s services was the best decision I made for my postpartum period. I will always be grateful for Aditi’s support.


I have been working with Aditi for a couple months and she has made a tremendous impact in my life and my healing process. I have suffered two miscarriages over the past year and deeply struggled with the losses. I was often consumed with anxiety, sadness and loneliness during the grieving process. Some days I found it hard to get out of bed and stay motivated to keep moving forward. I lost my sense of hope and faith. However, Aditi has been a constant support during this journey and provided me with multiple tools to help me grow stronger. She has helped heal my heart from fear and anxiety. I cannot thank Aditi enough for her wonderful insight, support and encouragement during this emotional journey. My husband and I are trying again and Aditi has guided me through every emotional fall and hurdle along the way. She is a constant presence and always there to help me outside our scheduled coaching sessions. She has provided me with so much insight, not only into the losses but also my life moving forward. The meditations, affirmations and gratitude journal are just a few of the many tools that Aditi has provided to me and I will continue to utilize after this process. I am so grateful to have met Aditi and been inspired by her own personal story. I am forever thankful!


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