Annie Brennagh


Annie (she/her) is a spiritually minded, trauma-informed Grief and Loss Coach; specializing in pregnancy and infant loss, a Transition Guide/End-of-Life Doula and a Creative Photographer.


Annie is a Pregnancy and Infant Loss Coach certified through Seeds of Growth Academy, a Transition Guide/End-Of-Life Doula certified through Sheridan College and Douglas College and a Creative Photographer with a diploma from Humber College.

Annie spent 20 years of her career working with children and adults with physical and developmental disabilities through Easter Seals, March of Dimes Canada and Community Living. She has a deep passion for supporting people through their end-of-life transition journeys and family through their grief and loss journeys. Annie supports people of all diversities and has experience supporting individuals navigating the end-of-life transition, grief and loss, trauma and PTSD, substance and addiction challenges, mental health challenges, chronic illness and disability. Annie believes that it is extremely important to emphasize the spiritual and emotional journey that each individual travels. In order to walk alongside someone, we must recognize how unique your experience is and hold space for you through all aspects of your journey, whatever that looks like for you. You are not alone.

Annie has experienced many personal losses, the most transformative being the death of her son, Ezzeill (one of her twins) during pregnancy in 2004. Annie continues to navigate this grief journey alongside her 4 living children.

Annie connects deeply to her own spirituality and uses many forms of healing practices in both her personal life and while supporting others. She is a huge nature, plant, animal and music lover and spends a lot of her healing time in nature and her garden. Photography is a profound passion for Annie and has allowed her to express her grief into imagery. She was an avid snowboarder until her illness became disabling however snowboarding will always be a magical piece of her spirit. She is certified in Reiki and believes that ritual and ceremony can be transformational in an individual’s grief and healing journey, and also recognizes that every journey through grief is different and individuals must connect to practices that resonate for them. Annie advocates for love and connection and believes that supporting others along this journey is a sacred honour.


  • Coaching- grief and loss, pregnancy and infant loss
  • Transition Guide/End-of-Life Doula
  • End-of-life and Grief Photographer


Newmarket, Ontario, Canada

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