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Episode 11 with Erica M Mcafee

This article originally appeared at Erica’s web site here. I have duplicated the article below for your convenience. In today’s episode Aditi Loveridge, shares her Pregnancy Loss Story and how healing tools helped her rediscover trust and inner power, so she could engage in life again.  After losing her first two pregnancies, she was […]

Learning to Trust After Loss

This article originally appeared in Birthing Magazine (Summary/Fall 2014). To download the original article as a PDF, click here. The entire article has been provided below for your reading:   NOTE TO READERS: THIS STORY DISCUSSES INFANT LOSS In the evening of October 2, 2012, I went into labour. My contractions were light in the […]

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3 Profound Truths About Pregnancy & Infant Loss

You CAN be happy again. After I had my second loss, I really did not think I would ever smile again. Things that once made me happy, left me feeling empty. A part of me was missing and I was certain that happiness was a distant memory. It has been 6 years and I can now tell you the truth…I AM happy again. Happiness did not find me over night, and there are still days that I don’t feel it as [...]

Question: I have had an Early Pregnancy Loss. Am I Still Allowed to Grieve?

I had an Early Pregnancy Loss. Do I still have the right to grieve? *This post first appeared in “Still Standing” Magazine. We had just finished lunch and I was cleaning up the kitchen. I noticed the vase full of dead flowers still on the counter. Without a second thought, I walked over to the vase and pulled out the lifeless flowers. As I was pulling them out, I heard my four year old [...]

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