Jordan Joanisse


ACC, PILC Coach, Mentor


As a coach, my style starts from a place of warmth and acceptance. Through abrupt changes in life, varying introductions to different types of loss, navigating through parenthood from a blended family dynamic, and being faced with needing to adjust to new ways of doing life, I have cultivated a unique understanding for others, that fuels the coaching experience with me.
Most of us feel lost, alone or weighed down by the now (or future) and it is my wish to help guide you from being lost, to having your next starting point.

As my client, you are provided with mentoring, coaching, and acceptance. How would you like to find your way to connecting within, to discover your path, your desires, your obstacles, your beliefs and more.
I welcome you to connect with me, to address that friction you are experiencing at home, or perhaps the need to feel understood, so that you can move forward with your goals. How about motivational issues or chronic health changes? These are experiences that are difficult to navigate through alone and I wish to provide a soft space for you to explore, unearth and understand what it is you need in your life for yourself.


  • Pregnancy and Infant Loss Coaching: Grief and Loss deserve an accepting and warm space to be remembered and understood
  • Chronic Pain & Illness Coaching: The silent struggle that is hard to see, understand or predict
  • Blended Family Coaching: So many dynamics, so many paths and decisions to explore
  • Parent Coaching: Deep dive into your parenting and learn to navigate the changes ahead
  • Life Coaching: Finding your why, your what and your starting point


Okotoks, Alberta, Canada

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