Steven Peard


Trauma informed Coach, Speaker, & Social Worker helping people navigate the isolating journey of grief with compassion and love. Operating as Partnering Through Loss Coaching.


Steven (He/Him) is a certified grief coach with a focus on pregnancy and infant loss, as well as holding a Bachelors of Social Work and of Fine Arts. He works from the belief that anything mentionable is manageable, and through vulnerability and compassion we detoxify our minds.

Steven also comes to this work through the lens of not only a trauma informed social worker but also of being a loss parent himself. In early 2020 Steven and his partner suffered the loss of their second daughter, Lydia, to SIDS. This loss shattered him and his family to their cores, and introduced Steven to the isolating and debilitating world of child loss. It also awoke something within. Having seen how isolating this journey can be, how disenfranchising child loss can be on parents, on partners searching for an identity, on male identifying individuals told to “toughen” up, Steven committed to becoming a support in the darkness of grief.

Taking a client centred, compassionate inquiry approach, Steven walks along side people to explore the journey with and through grief, both direct and secondary losses, while holding space to honour the unique path each persons experience takes.


  • Pregnancy & Infant Loss Coaching
  • Grief Coaching
  • Grief Education
  • Parenting After Loss
  • Partnering Through Loss


Calgary, Alberta, Canada

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