Pregnancy Loss, Miscarriage, and Stillbirth Healing & Coaching

by Aditi Loveridge

Welcome to my web site. I created Healing & Coaching Services for women that have experienced pregnancy loss, miscarriage, stillbirth or have lost a child. I also provide some FREE healing tools that you might like. Learn more about me or get in touch and tell me your story.

Aditi Loveridge
Certified Coach & Healing Practitioner


I am truly sorry for your pregnancy loss..

You are probably experiencing a wide range of emotions after the loss of your baby. No matter the emotion you are feeling, it is valid. And real. I can relate to where you are, because I was once in that same place.  After my losses, I felt alone and scared. I was lost and didn’t know what to do. Thankfully because of my ability to wholeheartedly speak my truth and go within, I found a healing path.

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You are not alone. All the feelings you are having around pregnancy or infant loss are normal and expected. When you lose a baby, it’s not an easy journey. There is a multitude of emotions that you can feel, like distrust, anger, loneliness, jealousy, anxiety, and worthlessness. I encourage you if you are struggling, no matter where on your journey you might be, start telling your story. You might be surprised at who shows up for you, and how you show up for your own healing.

At the beginning of all my client calls, I do a centering meditation. It helps to get people out of their head, and more into their heart so that they can be present for the conversation; because healing doesn’t come from your head, it comes from your soul, your heart.

Try this FREE Centering meditation below. It will help you clear your mind, and come back to your true center. I use this same meditation technique with every coaching call and client.


I'm Aditi Loveridge and here is my story

I'm in a unique position to help you. You see, I have also experienced pregnancy loss. In fact, I have experienced two losses. My losses forced me to look for answers. Just like you are looking for them now...

Soon after I experienced my first loss, I felt totally alone and I was stricken with fear. I didn’t know what to do. My husband tried his best to support me, but he could never truly understand what I felt inside. My girlfriends and family were all super supportive, but they couldn’t relate to the grief and the anxiety that I was experiencing.

In 2013 I found myself pregnant again. I had never felt so alone with my feelings. When this pregnancy was met with challenges, I fell deeper into fear and isolation.

I knew there had to be answers. Fortunately, my past experience with counseling, mindfulness and meditation gave me enough inspiration to look for a method and process that I’m now sharing with you.

Hi, my name is Aditi Loveridge and I am a holistic infant and pregnancy loss coach and I am also a birth postpartum doula, specializing in supporting families who have experienced previous loss.

First of all, I want to thank you so much for visiting my website, I know it takes a lot of courage to seek out support, so I thank you for that and I’m honored that your taking the time to find out more about me and the services that I offer.

So a few years ago, I had experienced two pregnancy losses of my own and I remember how lonely and isolated I felt, as I’m sure you have as well, and I just didn’t talk about the intensity of the grief that I had felt.

Society and well meaning friends told me to move on, that everything happens for a reason. So I began to silence myself but within that silence, I was still struggling. I remember the world around me was the same and yet, I had changed, everything about me was different. The way that I viewed life had changed, the way that I moved through this world was different. And I didn’t know how to move forward from that place, I just felt stuck.

Eventually, over time I began to speak my truth and I began sharing about my losses with some family, friends and acquaintances, and through sharing my experiences, it was amazing because women started opening up on their own. And I suddenly realized that I wasn’t alone, yet we were all struggling in silence. The more I opened up, the more I began to heal. I can’t even tell you how much talking helped me heal.

There is so much power in sharing our experiences, sharing our grief, celebrating our joy. Having to tribe, a community that understands the intensity that surrounds the grief around baby loss is why I do the work that I do.

I have since made it my life’s mission to support women in defining their new normal and learning healthy ways in which to move forward. And with each coaching conversation I have, I too continue to heal and move deeper into myself. I can’t tell you what an amazing gift that is.

But I do understand from my own journey, that grief is not linear, it ebbs and it flows. When my partner and I decided to try to conceive again and when we got pregnant, the grief had manifested into intense anxiety and fear and many times anger. And those emotions did not dissipate after the birth of my rainbow baby. I understand now that emotions surrounding grief change. They linger and they can surprise you at the most uncertain times in your journey.

So, whether you’ve just lost your angel, are trying to conceive again, are pregnant, or just some time has passed, I want you to know that there is always space for healing. This journey is not easy, and it is not one that you need to walk alone.

I have found so many women need to talk about their loss, we need to speak our babies names, we need to honor our due dates, we need to honor the day we gave birth to a baby that was still. Just through talking alone, we let go of grief and we make room for joy to come in. We cannot make room for joy until we truly and wholeheartedly, embrace the darkness first. But in order to do that, we need a safe space to do it.

So please, today, if you are feeling like this journey is difficult, more difficult than you could have imagined, contact me, let’s make a time to talk. Tell me your story, tell me your baby’s name, tell me the areas in which your life has changed. Let’s embrace the darkness together so that we can make room for the joy.

So contact me, let’s talk.

Aditi Loveridge
PCD(DONA) & Life Coach
1-403-473-6767 (Alberta, Canada)


Why get Professional help with Pregnancy Loss, Misscarriage or Stillbirth?

Pregnancy and/or infant loss is a life changing and traumatic event. After a loss of this kind, your life is impacted and you are undeniably changed. This type of loss can affect various aspects of your life. Some of which are expected and some areas that take you by surprise. In the days, weeks, months or years after loss, it can feel as though the world has moved on, yet you are still struggling. Specialized coaching support will address all the areas of your life that have been impacted and honour where you are at within your journey. It supports you in picking up the broken pieces one piece at a time; In your own time, in your own way.


Understanding different types of pregnancy loss

With all the different names, it can sometimes be confusing to understand the different types of pregnancy losses. Here is a brief explanation:

  1. Miscarriage:  Loss before 20 weeks gestation
  2. Stillbirth: Early Stillbirth is a loss that occurs between 20-27 weeks gestation, Late Stillbirth occurs between 28-36 weeks gestation, and Stillbirth occurs between 38 weeks.
  3.  Ectopic Pregnancy: When an embryo implants outside of the uterus, usually in the fallopian tube. Ectopic pregnancies can not make it full term, as it puts the mother at risk of complications.
  4.  Chemical Pregnancy: A very early miscarriage, usually occuring before the 5th week of gestation.

Regardless of these terms, it is important to remember that you get to identify your pregnancy loss however it feels right for you.


Where in your journey of loss are you? Here are some things you can try...

Even though we haven’t met yet, I’m confident that the healing ideas below will help you. However, each family’s journey is unique and I highly encourage you to consider signing up for my FREE first call.

I’m here to help you heal.

You just had a pregnancy loss, miscarriage, or stillbirth

You deserve a sacred space in which to honour your loss. A space where you can tell your story. Or a space that allows you to sit in silence when there are no more words. A space where you can come to cry. A space where you can release what you have been bottling up so you can make room to heal.

How to heal...

  1. Cry when you need to
  2. Create a ritual to honour your loss (click here to see the ritual)
  3. Participate in a free healing meditation which I have placed online for you (click here)
  4. Reach out to me.. at no cost.. just tell me how you feel (click here)
  5. If you are ready, book a healing and counseling session (click here)

You are trying to get pregnant again after loss...

You deserve a space that honours where you are in your mothering journey. A space where you can wholeheartedly acknowledge the many emotions that surface. A space that empowers you to fully sit with your emotions so that you can begin to take the “caution” off and truly make room for the joy.

How to heal...

  1. Create Affirmations (click here)
  2. Participate in a free healing meditation which I have placed online for you (click here)
  3. Reach out to me.. at no cost.. just tell me about how you feel (click here)
  4. If you are ready, book a healing and counseling session (click here)

You are pregnant again after a previous miscarriage or stillbirth...

Are you feeling that what should be a joyous time is instead full of stress, anxiety and concern? You might be wondering why you can’t just let go and relax.

You deserve a sacred space where you can honour your feelings and speak truthfully. A space where you can allow yourself to be seen, without judgement; only love. A space where you can walk through your fears safely. A place where you can embrace the joy, connection, hope and possibilities this pregnancy can bring.

How to heal...

  1. Create a “Mental Release” Journal (click here)
  2. Participate in a free healing meditation which I have placed online for you (click here)
  3. Reach out to me.. at no cost.. just tell me about how you feel (click here)
  4. If you are ready, book a healing and counseling session (click here)

You just gave birth to a Rainbow Baby but you are still struggling...

You deserve a sacred space that understands how loss can change you. A space that can help you realize and define your “new” self. A place that can hold space for your unraveling while simultaneously reminding you of your strength. A space that can celebrate your new baby while supporting you through any grief or anxiety that might show up. A space to realize you truly are not alone.

How to heal...

  1. Participate in the “connecting to self” meditation which I have placed online for you (click here)
  2. Reach out to me.. at no cost.. just tell me about how you feel (click here)
  3. If you are ready, book a healing and counseling session (click here)

What I did to help other women just like you...

Let me tell how I developed a service that can help other women. You see I personally went through the intense range of emotions after pregnancy loss. I was filled with anxiety, worry and fear. Looking back, there were so many moments that I had missed out on due to being stuck “in my head” and not in the present moment. Those moments I can never get back.

That is when I decided to create a path for other mothers so that you wouldn’t miss out on the moments of your life.

I created tools for...

Helping you speak your truth

Helping you regain a sense of control

Making you more aware of your thought process

Helping you stay in the present moment

Consciously stepping beyond anxiety and fear, and into trust and peace

Recognizing when you are in your head versus your heart

Honoring your journey

My Qualifications

  • Worked for 4 years as a registered social worker specializing in women’s health.
  • Trained with Sherokee Isle from “Babies Remembered”
  • Completed the “Baby Loss Advisor” training.
  • Completed over 100 hours of coaching and 60 hours of intensive training. I received certification as a Life Coach.
  • Personally gone through intensive meditation retreats and have established a daily meditation practice of my own. Becoming self aware and present in my life has gotten me through some very hard days.
  • Working on becoming a certified mindfulness meditation teacher with Shamash Alidina, author(`Mindfulness for Dummies) and motivational speaker.
I am always reading  books that help me grow personally and professionally. I’m currently re-reading…
  • The Power of Now by Eckart Tolle,
  • The Universe has my back by Gabriele Bernstein
  • A Gift of Time by Amy Kuebbelbeck and Deborah Davis

My Healing & Counseling Services

Every session includes:

  • Intake forms will be sent to you so that I can gain a better understanding of your expectations from our healing and coaching sessions.
  • All meetings are sixty (60) minutes in length and can be done in person, over the phone, or through video conferencing (ie. Skype, Facetime)
  • Coaching sessions are client-led conversations. I do not come with an agenda. The conversations are directed by you and I will support whichever direction you take the conversation.
  • “Home Experiments”. It can enhance your development and further your growth
  • 100 % support of you and the life that you wish to create
  • A safe space where you can show up, be seen, and be supported

What each Healing and Coaching call looks like:

  • Every call begins with a centering meditation: This helps you get out of their head and more into their hearts, so that you (and I) can become more present during our session.
  • I will ask questions that will stimulate a new view of your journey that will foster healing and growth.
  • I will make connections and address patterns that may be influencing the way you are processing your story.
  • Within every call we will create an “imagined future” together and through trust and openness we will empower you in finding your path toward this future.
  • A follow up email will be sent to you at the end of every session that includes what we discussed and any exercises and strategies that we agreed you try.
  • I am available for additional support between calls via text and email.

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Why not have a free call with me?

I really am here to help you, and I care about your healing and your growth. I do this work because I am truly passionate about helping women find inner peace after miscarriage, and stillbirth.

I am happy to offer a zero obligation and free 20-minute session with you.

Your story matters. Your voice matters. YOU matter. So lets, talk.


Women that I have helped with loss..


I have been working with Aditi for a couple months and she has made a tremendous impact in my life and my healing process. I have suffered two miscarriages over the past year and deeply struggled with the losses. I was often consumed with anxiety, sadness and loneliness during the grieving process. Some days I found it hard to get out of bed and stay motivated to keep moving forward. I lost my sense of hope and faith. However, Aditi has been a constant support during this journey and provided me with multiple tools to help me grow stronger. She has helped heal my heart from fear and anxiety. I cannot thank Aditi enough for her wonderful insight, support and encouragement during this emotional journey. My husband and I are trying again and Aditi has guided me through every emotional fall and hurdle along the way. She is a constant presence and always there to help me outside our scheduled coaching sessions. She has provided me with so much insight, not only into the losses but also my life moving forward. The meditations, affirmations and gratitude journal are just a few of the many tools that Aditi has provided to me and I will continue to utilize after this process. I am so grateful to have met Aditi and been inspired by her own personal story. I am forever thankful!!


Aditi is a wonderful coach. I have a high risk pregnancy and am on bed rest. Working with Aditi has completely changed my “take” on my pregnancy. Before Aditi, I was drowned in worries, angry feelings, fears and what ifs. I had big fears around connecting with my baby. Aditi’s gentle approach helped me to leave fears and worries aside. With her help, I have started seeing the little joys in my pregnancy journey. I am certain that I will keep working with Aditi throughout my pregnancy. Oh and, her meditation exercises rock! I am truly grateful for having Aditi’s support. Thanks so much, Aditi!


Aditi supported my family and myself after the birth of my second child. She was an incredible blessing to have during the emotional & exhausting weeks that followed my delivery. Having shared similar birth experiences, she was nurturing & very easy to relate to. She just got me. I truly felt she exceeded expectations and was there to provide support in every aspect that I needed at that time. She always made herself available & accessible even when we didn’t have a planned session. Having Aditi’s services was the best decision I made for my postpartum period. I will always be grateful for Aditi’s support.

Leigh Anne

My husband and I lost our first baby at 36 weeks and I suffered a miscarriage in 2016. I found out I was pregnant again in early 2017 but needless to say was suffering from a lot of worry, anxiety and fears about the coming months. I decided to attend a Caring Beyond (local baby loss support group) meeting where I was lucky enough to come across Aditi who was speaking on the topic of Self-Care and Self-Preservation. I grabbed one of her cards and did some research into what exactly what types of services she offered. I decided to hire Aditi after some hesitation as I wasn’t entirely sure what role she would play in navigating this difficult journey I found myself on. However, I can honestly say that after working with Aditi for a number of months now I am so grateful that I attended that meeting and for the unwavering support she has provided. She has given me so many wonderful tools to help me work through the waves of emotions, fears and anxieties that I am experiencing. Aditi has taught me to try and live in the “now” and to not get all consumed by the past or “what ifs” about the future. She has also given me a lot of tips so that I can try and find love and joy for this baby and pregnancy so that I do not end up having any regrets later on. It is not an easy journey and I still have a ways to go but I think it has been a lot easier because of Aditi and I fully intend on continuing to work with her throughout the remainder of my pregnancy. Thank you for everything Aditi!


Truth vs Opinion: 3 Shocking Truths about Pregnancy Loss, Miscarriage and Stillbirth

1: You CAN be happy again

After I had my second loss, I really did not think I would ever smile again. Things that once made me happy, left me feeling empty. A part of me was missing and I was certain that happiness was a distant memory.

It has been 6 years and I can now tell you the truth…I AM happy again. Happiness did not find me over night, and there are still days that I don’t feel it as strongly, but I AM happy.

The truth is, losing a baby is hard. It is down right devastating. But with some help, inner reflection, and time to grieve, you CAN and WILL be happy again.

This, I know to be true.

1: You WILL be different

The day after I left the hospital from my ectopic pregnancy loss, I knew I was different. I was a more guarded, fearful and anxious woman than before; I was scared that I had changed for the worse.

Losing a baby is life changing and you are undeniably changed. But I can tell you this…you WILL be different, but it doesn’t have to be for the worse. Actually, my pregnancy losses have forced me to go within, dig deep and become incredibly self aware. I have learned my triggers, rediscovered my strength, and feel a self love I never known before.  I have also learned to be IN my life, not just living it.

I can say without any doubt, that I would not have done the self work that I have done, had I not experienced baby loss.  I can honestly say, I am a much more compassionate, empathetic and present woman today because of it.

So the truth is,  you WILL be different but different does not equal worse.

1: There IS life after loss

In the months that followed my pregnancy loss, I felt like I was living but I was not alive. When you lose a baby, it is hard to imagine that there is life beyond your loss.

As time has gone by, I am able to enjoy the little things in life again. Not only just enjoy them, but I can fully engage in my life again.

I can wholeheartedly say that there IS life after loss. Your life will be different, just as you will be, but there is life. Just like in nature–after a deep freeze, the sun does come out again. Soon, the trees and flowers begin to emerge, and before you realize it, there is beauty all around you.

You will feel the warmth of the sun again. You will smell the flowers. You will find the beauty in and around you.

I can say, without any doubt, that you WILL live again.